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From: LissaAGreenaol.com
Subject: A Family Fuck Fest 6A Family Fuck Fest 6
Author: Melissa Allan
Screen name: Lissa A Green
catagory: Bi IncestA Word From The Author: another reason to stay home on halloween.
Cody get's a special treat in his bag during a party at the house. ukraine lolita model tgp
It was Haloween night, time for all the ghosts and ghouls to come out and
try to scare the living. Also time for younge kids and horny teenagers to
party! Like I said my family goes all out on halloween. We all dress up in
groosum costumes, we buy candy drinks and chips and dip buy the shit load and
have a huge blow out party in tha basement of our house. Jackie was busy pouring the candy into this huge fish tank we have and I
was going through my cd collection. Davey was putting on his costume getting
ready for trick or treating. "Hay Jackie should you put your make up on the people should be coming
soon." I said with a laugh. "Funny queer boy, open that mouth wider and stick a cock in it and shut
up!" 'I might do that!" Since I admited to my family lolita bbs re mix
i love cock more then pussy my sister and I
have been shouting none stop lolita bbs re mix at each other." teen lolita nude imagefap "Kids don't fight ok? If anymore bickerign come out of you kids there
will be no party and you'll be grounded." 'Yes dad sorry." I said and went back to my cds. "I swear Jack Jackie is turny to such homophobic. I never thought she'd
was like that!" "Maybe that is becuase she just lost one of the best fuckers in this
family besides your father. Cody is going to suck cock anytime before he
licks pussy and Jackie knows this." "Still doesn't giver her the right to treat Cody like that." "We'll talk to her after the party, she needs some more girls to play
with I think." "Maybe. Come one lets get our candy before the kids steal them all." "I got something better then candy for you you little bitch." My dad
whiped out his cock and my mom went down on him. He was dressed as a devil good choosing huh. My grandpa was dressed as
the grandfather from the Munsters. But he was going to his own party tonight. "Hope you have a good time grandpa!" called out Jackie. "I wille princess, I'll get some acion out tonight and when I come home
and you children are asleep I'll sneak into your roms and maybe suck your
blood!" "I don't plan on sleeping tonight." she said with a smile. 'But you can suck something else other then blood grandpa." I sad and
felt up my dick. "I plan on it." "Pop don't be bothering the kids tonight, they have their own guests to
entertain and we all promised not to bother them. So if you want to suck
onything tonight it will have to belong to me Jack or Davey." little lolita pussy stories "I guess I'll have to live with that, but tomorrow kids, I want some
young meat and youngs juice." "Yes sir!" My grandpa left at the moment and we finished up our basment of horros. Later cp lolita teen girl
that evening kids poured in. The basement was packed and the music
was blarring. Kids were talking and eating, some were dirty dancing a lot
were making out. Girls were making out with other girls, Two girls were
making out with a guy it was a hot scene. Jackie and I were known quite well
for hosting the best parties. Earlier in the day dad and I installed a video camera in a small
department in the wall. The jole is barely noticable and is perfect view of
the whole basment. My mom even let us go thro her alchoal collection and take some drinks.
ones that didn't efect us too much.so Jackie and I set up a little barr in
the corner of the room with tables and everything. "Many Cody, this place is awsome dude!" I love it down here!" said Andy.
He face was flushed and there was sweat pouring down his forhead, God he
looks delicous. "Yeah it is pretty cool, see your daincing with Jackie a little." 'Yeah your sister's a hot bitch you kno." "She's ok. If you liek sisters." "You gonna dance with Heather or what? Or Are you just gonan sit on your
ass all night starring at her boobs?" "I'd liek to star at her boobs all night, and keep my ass out of this!" "Can't help it! It's so fucking tight!" Andy began to feel up my ass. It
was hard sitting still while he touched me there. I felt my cock growing in
my jeans. "Andy! Down boy!" "Come one Cody, let's brek away for a few moments, no one will know, we
can say we went to get more drinks. Please if we do i'll give you the best
blow job you ever had." He whispered in my ear and began to lick it. I couldn't talke it anymore.
I grabed his hand and we headed to my room. I just hoped no one noticed us
leaving. I locked my door and through him on my bed. He was in heat I could tell.
We quickly unzipped our pants and through them on the ground I growled ontop
of hima nd our lips met. We made out. He began to fondle me and I did the
same to him. He was so hard, he balls were so big I want that sausage in my
mouth. "Ohh yeah Cody Shit that feels good! I thought I was supposed to give you
the blow job." "I'm hungry for cock, just let me work on this monster." I sucked the whole thing in my mouth up to his huge balls. I was so
hungry for it. I squeezed his balls in hope it would make him cum soon. "Cum on Andy, cum for me baby, shoot that juice out for me. Let me drink
it all!" "You want my cum Cody? I'm about to shoot! et your mouth on my cock
buddy, hereit comes!" With a loud growl he shot his load into my mouth. I had to becareful
about not using my teeth but I litterally wanted to gobble his prick up. "Oh yeah Cody suck me dry! I've been waiting for your mouth all week!" I finished sucking him off then we went back to making out. "You give me the best blow job Cody." 'Like you have other offers." "Not really. But you give out the best. Look man I'm too tired to get you
off right now, but if we sneak back here agan later I promise I'll suck you
dry." "No prob due, I actually like giving more then recieving." "Good, cuz I'm willing to accept it anytime you will tos uck it. Should
we young video russian lolita be heading back now?" 'If you want, but I rather hang out here.With you." "Instead of Heather and her big boobs?" "Hell yeah, I rather see a big dick then huge tits anyday." I put my arm around Andy and held him close to me. "Is there something your not telling me bro?" "Maybe, but your pretty smart, I think yourr figuring it out now aren't
you?" "Just about. So how long have you known you were gay?" "Since we sucked off the coach at school Everytime I masterbate I think
of that hot scene." "Oh yeah me too man. We should pay hima visit tomorrow." "Maybe we should." I gave Andy a kiss on his neck and went to his ear and
blew in it. "Christ man what are you doing to me? Your gonna drain me." "Andym theres something else I haven't told you." "What?" "I think I'm in love with you." I was afriad to hear his reaction. I knew he liked to get off in my mouth
and he loved to make out together but I never actully herd him say he was gay
or even bi, I never fucked his ass. I licked it and fingered it but not
fucked it, he always fucked me once or twice he sucked me but not many. lolita model pics legal "You are? Shit Cody that makes me feel so much better!." "What do you mean?" underground lil lolita pics "For a while I've been tryign to figure out my sexual perferances. I
think I like hanging out with you a hell of a lot more then some whore at
school. You seema lot cooler yo don't act dumb like they do a. You don't
have to act whorey all the time you come out and tell me your horny." "Is that why you like me? Cuz I put out for you?" I said with a smile. "One of the reasons." "Asshole!" I said and wacked him with a pillow. "Chill babe, no that's not what I meant. Youa ct yourself, the girls at
school don't. You and I have the best kinkiest sex, no girls would ever lick
my dirty hole." "Pass it my way anytime baby. So then would you be my boyfriend?" "Fuck ya!" I was so happy. My heart jumped up. We kissed and felt each other up some
more. "if we are gonna start being before we should lay some rules first, but
we both have to agree with them ok?" he said. All I could was run my fingers
through his hair. "Ok, first I think we should both date girls as well, so our parents
won't be asking us how come we don't hang out with girls and shit." I knew my parents wouldn't care that Andy's my boyfriend but I just
nodden and laid down on his chest. "Second who ever dishes out gets the same back,like you just gave me the
best blow job I'll be sure to repay you." "Yes dear." I liked that rule. "Second, no mushy stuff infront of rents or other peeps. I don't think
they'll understand our agreements." "Understood, but what about when we are alone." "We can do what ever the fuck we want when we are together." "What If I just wanted to keep your cock in my mouth." "Then fucking do it!" I felt his hard member poking at my arms and I fondled it. "Also I think we should a lot of hot kinky stuff, no holding back
anything, if theres something you wanan try let me know same goes for me, we
should try everything once." rika nude loli book "Sounds like you had something inmind already." "I always wanted to piss on someone." I didn't need any other suggestions. I grabbed Andy and took him into the
batheroom my sister and I share and got into the shower and ripped my shirt. "Go ahead stud, piss on me." "Shit you one hot fucker, Cody!" He got his tool nice and hard and aimed it at me and I felt a hot stream
of piss leaking on to my cock and running down my leg. Then I did something that I shink shocked him a little. I reached down
and drank the pure nude free lolitas
rest of his piss. "Shit that's hot baby, drink my piss!" he said as I finished drinking him
down. "We should get back now though, but you need a shower." "Okay, go down with me, tell Jackie i'll be there in a sec. Hay Andy." 'Yeah baby?" We kissed long and hard. His tounge played nude young ukraine lolitas with mine it felt so hot. teen lolita nude imagefap
"Go back down to the party baby, I'll be there soon." Andy left me in the shower and I tuend on the water. I decided to take a
fast cold one and ran the soap on my body so the piss smell would disappear.
I then just thro on a sweater and jeans I combed out my hear and left my
room. Hoepfully no one would be the wiser about what went on in here. I grabbed some sodas candy and more chip dip so I'd have an exscuse ready
my sister. Jackei was about to come get mewhen I came down stairs. "Where the fuck have you been!" "I came to get more snacks. What's with you?" "I've been looking everywhere for you where were you!" "Jeez I just told you!" "No Cody I mean really." "Why do you care?! Remember you said you didn't want be sisters with a
brother who a queer remember?!" "I never said that!" "Maybe not but you've been treating me that way!" "And what happened to your custom?" "Look It's not your bisness ok! Here's some more snacks. I'm getting a
headach I think I'm just going to lay down." "Well wait a minute, Heather was looking for you. I got her to give you a
little lap dance for you." lolita nude thumb galleries "Sorry not interested anymore." "Since when?" "Since always, have a good party Jackie." I left her in the kitchen and went back to my room. My sister never
really said that she was right, but she has been treating ,me like an outcast. She doesn't seem to care that my dad and grandpa fool around together I
guess it's becuase they still fuck her. Bt she seems to resent the fact that
I liked boys not girls. And I think she hates me. Before I never cared wether or not if she did,b ut just knowing it kinda
hurts a little. I started to cry and I felt a pair of arms around me. "Everything ok baby?asked Andy." I just shook my head and he crawled into bed with me. "Do you mind if i lay with you?" "Not at all Andy, I think I can get used to this. But what about the
party?" "It's no party without you babe. I told Jackie that I was going to sit
with you." "Thank you." Andy held me close and I soon fell asleep.
________________ That evening after the kids have all gone home my parents came down
stairs. I was still asleep in Andy's arms but they told me later they saw us
together. "Now tell me that's nto a kodac moment Jack" "I'm trying figure out all the events that heappened that led to that." "Who cares honey it's cute. I think Andy's good for Cody. I just hope
Jackie lighten's up on him." "Yeah if not it's going to be one hell of a next few years. Let's go to
bed, we can yell at the kids about the basment tomorrow. Happy Halloween
Nancy." "Trick or Treat!"

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